Monday, March 31, 2014









Day 31

So here we are. A month after grueling typing and clicking and clacking, we're at the other side. Slice of Life is over. Though nostalgic music wafts from the piano behind me (currently in research wing), I have no sadness about this. Not having to type a new blog post every day will be very liberating. Except I still have 30 comments to write. But I'll just get to those later tonight. At least I get my pencil surprise prize.

I have a bone to pick, however. A gripe, if you will. Teachers: Please, proofread your tests. I'm serious. It's not fair when students have to change 50 things on the paper before they can actually start the test-taking. It's confusing and a hassle we shouldn't need to deal with. We should be undergoing the least amount of stress possible when taking a test. When has this happened?:

a) The countless number of times Mr. B has had to throw out a question on his online multiple choice tests because of an error. Like the +-1 fiasco or whatever it was. This leads to a lot of 75s.

b) Today. The history test had at least 10 typos. Portrey instead of portray, exhile instead of exile. The hilarious "pepe" instead of pope. The Islam test, in which none of the proper nouns were capitalized. But most of these, while embarrassing and hilarious, didn't interfere much with understanding. There were, however, more nefarious mistakes, such as the "both a and b" becoming "both a and c". That's a serious mistake. If you misheard that, you could get the question totally wrong.

c) Also today. The Nigerian novel pop quiz. There were two number fours. Nine questions total on a quiz that was meant to have 8 questions. Cross out one of the number fours, we were told. It's your fault for asking your classmates the questions of the previous quiz.
Mrs. Gross, you're known for telling us to avoid absolutes. So why do you implicate all of us? I for one sure did not go around asking for answers. However much I could have used them.

Also, I'm glad Mrs. Gross thinks so highly of her freshman class to make two separate quizzes (actually, four) for the Nigerian book pop quiz.

Alright, I'm done. I'M DONE. This blog is OVER. Good riddance.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 30

We're almost at the end. There's only a day left after this. How advantageous it is that March was the month the blogging community chose to enforce daily postings. Not February, the month with only 28 days, nor April, when today would be the last day. Nope, they just had to choose one of the months with 31 days. How kind of them. 

As with all Sundays, my day is spent inside, roaming the house. I stop every once in a while at the kitchen to grab something to mindlessly snack on before heading back to my room. I'm not quite hungry, just bored. But the latter can be a strangely compelling route for growing an appetite. 

The rain pitter-patters on my rooftop, rain drenching my window, as I watch pirated totally legal videos on my laptop. Still have 32 comments left to write. Woo hoo.

Productivity is pushed to the back burner, as usual, as I instead waste my time on mindless keystrokes and snacking. I chew on the cap of a waterbottle, just for the heck of it. So much for orthodontic care. 

I'm a little stressed, to be honest. It's at the point now when I'm just waiting for the sweet release of Spring Break. Something like 11 school days left, and all I want to do is stop working. Teachers have other ideas. With the end of the marking period in sight, tests and projects and homework and quizzes inevitably get piled higher and higher. I just want the school year to be over already. Just let us fast forward to summer, when I can sit at home every day. Doing nothing. No homework, no studying. Just me and my laptop.

In retrospect, that sounds a little lonely. But still better than the constant duty of homework hanging over your head. Shudder. 

On the other hand, it's kind of a good thing that we got this mandatory blogging madness over with in March. In April, things start to get a little crazy with track. March is a bit of an in-between month, so it's just practices. But in April, meets start up again. My first meet is actually April 1st, a tri-meet against Middletown North and Freehold Township, two really good teams. I'm running the 3200, ~2 miles, a race I have never done before on a track. This bodes well. 

Not to mention, I would have zero desire to blog over Spring Break. I'd quit. I'd take my 50 for the assignment and move on. At least the NYT NB would act as a grade-booster. Clearly, I've reached my point of no return. My supply of care has reached a dangerous low. Not that I actually tried very much before. But at this point it's getting to be almost ridiculous how close I'm cutting things. It's a shame they're cutting Spring break short, too. I need that time to REJUVENATE. Every day is PRECIOUS. Every 

Aaaaagh. My motivation has been drained. Just get me to April 15th. That's the start of Spring Break for us, right? It had better not be later. 

Okay, I've rambled enough for today. One more post tomorrow, and then this thing gets retired. Most likely never to be used again. Sorry to anyone who would feasibly want the URL in the future, but this stupid blog will be using it as an archive. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 29

Just kidding, I'm not Sarah. Inspect element, kids. Be wary of it and those who choose to abuse it. Like me.

We're almost done, people. Well, some of you are already done. Those of you not going for the uber super duper high ultra achiever extra cool prize we get for blogging all 31 days of March. I commend you on your decision. It's probably not worth it.
But as for those like me, trying hard for that pencil unknown reward, after today there are 2 days left to blog. Sunday and Monday. Then freedom. During workouts for track, I like to rattle off the percentage of the workout we've finished after every rep. Going along that line, with the posting of today's blog, we're 93.5% complete. Fight through for that <6 and a half percent! You can make it. I believe in you.

Then again, I've only done 8 comments. 32 left. 20% done with that, at least...

Anyway, what's been going on with my life today? Well, I woke up at 8:15 or something. Ate breakfast. Ran outside in the rain for an hour and a half, which was very wet and cold. I got home and almost immediately took a nice, hot shower. And now I'm blogging. I know, fascinating story. I'll go tell it at a party later. As we all know, I go to all the parties.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 28

It's the final stretch now. Fourth until the end. And then. We're done. No more blogging every day. NO MORE BLOGGING EVERY DAY.

frickle frackle

I don't normally have allergies, but recently I've been having them really bad. Sneezing, congestion, etc., etc. Not really fun. Today is going to be a pretty boring day. 

DBQ for two straight periods. Meaning, an hour of browsing the Internet, and then finally writing the actual essay in the last half an hour. Writing essays take too much effort. I instead just throw up a stream of consciousness at the last possible second. Sadly enough, this usually serves me better than actually taking time to prewrite. Wow, I really hate prewriting. I just do it in my head, and writing less down = better for me. Not writing down your prewriting != actually prewriting. 

I also have a double dose of Agrawal today. For whatever reason, he summoned ten of his Algebra II students to his classroom during period 3--so instead of sitting in Data Analysis doing nothing, I was in Agrawal's silent room doing nothing. He just gave us back our Chapter 6 tests and told us to study for our 7.1-7.2 quiz we'd be having period 4, right after lunch.

Speaking of that test, I got a 79 out of 80 on it. So a 98.75% on it, or something like that. I'm not really complaining about that one point, since it brought my grade back from the brink of disaster. But where did I lose that one point? I'm not quite sure. It could have been in one of two places. Both of which places where I should not have lost a point. One, where he asked for a proportion of people, so I give him a range of percentages: 71%-81%. Apparently what he expected to from us what that by proportion he actually meant "exact amount of people in a group of 400". So 284-324. ...Okay.

The other part could have been the following question. What was this question on? Literally no clue. Something he neglected to actually teach to us, regardless. So he expected us to learn it within the three minutes he "taught" it to us before giving us the tests. Surprisingly, it was unsuccessful. Supposedly he thought we had read it prior in the textbook. IT'S NOT IN THE TEXTBOOK. LISTEN TO US, MAYBE.

Also, we're apparently back to the "Inspect Element" craze again? So things like this?

Yeah, so convincing. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 27

I forgot to blog.
Head on pillow. Eyes closed. Half asleep, half awake. I'm falling.
I forgot to blog.
Impact. I jolt in bed. My eyes fly open.
I forgot
What did I forget?
I forgot to blog(!!!)
Panic. I check my watch for the time, frantically rubbing at my eyes. 11:30. Okay. I can do this. I can write a blog post for the day before midnight. My breathing slows, I let out a sigh of relief. I did not blog 26 days just to have my streak (and chance of a prize of what is presumably a sticker or a pencil--yay) broken. There are 4 days left after this. Four more posts, then freedom. Release. I can stop typing forever. My laptop can fester in a corner of my room, the keys gathering a soft layer of dust. The only thing required of me would be dictation. I hire a secretary to type my essays for me, along with all my personal IM conversations. I can see it now, in my mind's eye.


Anyway, slice 27. Day primarily consisted of MJSS. Which, to be perfectly honest, I thought was kind of boring. Sorry not sorry. To be perfectly honest, I'm just bad at sitting still for extended periods of time, so not being able to get up during the hours of just listening to kids talk about their science projects got a little unbearable. Add to that a dark room and sleep deprivation, and I was fighting off slumber. But I couldn't even rest my head, since the stupid chairs in the auditorium had backs that were so low. So my head was just kind of lolling around everywhere once I decided I didn't want to strain my neck muscles any more. And for some reason I wore a hat all day. At some point I stuck a pen inside this hat, forgot about it, and proceeded to freak out looking for my pen. I only found it later outside when seeing my shadow, and noticing within it the strangely linear shape my headgear was taking. I reach up. Find my pen. Wow, I think. I'm stupid.

Also I got a new pair of glasses. They're wider, and the frames are thicker. I'm not sure how I feel about them. It's too different, and I hate change. But the prescription is stronger, and they have Transition lenses. And oh how I love to see clearly and also look directly into the sun.
Those two things usually don't go together.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 26

This blog is getting started during Software Apps today, because I don't want to have to write another blog while half-asleep. Last night didn't end so well.

I still have to write my comments, though.



Really looking forward to the night when I have blogged for all 31 days, but have yet to make a single comment.

This morning started mostly usual. Waking up ten minutes before I had to run out to the bus. Fumbling around for my glasses and wristwatch, putting them on once located. Eventually, my eyes adjust to the scratches in the lenses, and I roll out of bed, stepping over the clothes and trash and books and papers and laptop and chargers littered around my room floor. I should probably do some spring cleaning. But can you really consider it spring right now? Because after pulling on a sweatshirt, I look out my bedroom window and see snow. Snow everywhere.




Winter is over, nature. You can stop with the snow and the cold. Please. I'm serious. Last warning. Next time I send you down to the principal's office. What?

Anyway, if you haven't found it yet, you should play this.